Serge Marais


 Sculptor Painter

(D.O.B. Unknown - Died 2006)


Serge is the mystery man of No Left Ear. One of the collectif originals he was a painter, sculptor and mentor of young and very young artists, founding Enfance De L'Art inserge-marias-sketchLe Havre. Serge seemed to appear from nowhere, and is believed to be of gypsy extract

He was not sure of his own birthday, a common thing amongst tinkers. The mystery surrounding Serge was compounded by the French authorities, during a short illness he momentarily died, but went on to make a full recovery. However the beaurocrats had already declared him dead, and with wonderful irony could not reverse the decision, he became in effect a none person, a nobody. To the day he died he could never even get a passport, because he was already officially dead.

To the collectif, his friends Serge was never a nobody, a gentle man, who had vitality, great ideas and was good company. For a dead man he managed to do a remarkable amount of projects, including exhibitions of his own work and the mentoring of young artists. His love of urban art and graffiti led to a search for artists who wanted to present their work in galleries. Among those he convinced were Karot and Luca who showed their work at the cult cafe/gallery the Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal Cafe in Rue Casimir Delavigne, which Serge also used as his office.

It was from SSBONC that he launched his school to teach small children art with a great and much missed project called Enfance De L'Art. This gathering of young kids and parents lasted for 3 years until the day SSBONC was closed down in 2005 for commercial reasons. For the parents and the children Serge is fondly and loyally remembered.

He tried in vain to set up another Cultural Cafe nearby but the project was beset with problems. Serge quietly slipped away, out of the site and reach of his close allies and friends Vallou, Marc Prevost and Rob Burns. He was more fragile than we knew and tragically died alone. He was a somebody who made a difference.