Roman Puchowski


Singer /Songwriter

Blues & Avante Garde Music




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Roman Puchowski was born in 1966 and hails from Tczew, Poland. A lfelong traditional bluesman and has made many appearances at many festivals around in particular blues festivals. He has collberated with many blues players from around the world including Keith Dunn, Nick Katzman and Sugar Blue.

Roman is more than just a bluesman, he is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and Guitar Workshop professor. His band Von Zeit are on the cutting edge of Alternative & Avante Garde Music something that has been close to his heart for many years.

One of NoLeftEars earliest collaborators, he met Robert A. Burns when they worked together at the cult old student club Zak in Gdansk. Romans cultural knowledge helped to re-establish Zak as a major force, Nick Katzman amonst many of the artists he booked to play there.



His in depth knowledge of alternative music helped him to secure the cult Dutch band The Legendary Pink Dots to play at St Johns, Gdansk. Von Zeit is his own personal hommage to the Alternative & Avante Garde genre, where he teams up with Robert Turlo (animation and graphics), Jacek Kulesza (guitar) and Sebastian Szczepanowski (Percussion).


In 1995 his friend Robert A. Burns was asked by the British Embassy in Poland if he could find a blues player to perform British style blues (e.g. Clapton) at the opening ceremony of the British Weeks Festival, at Arthurs Court in the old town part of Gdansk. Rob had no hesitation in booking Roman. The performance added to his growing reputation as a solo traditional blues guru.

Roman has had as all bluesmen would say  "a life", as a music promoter, singer/songwriter, music composer, musician, experimentalist and music pioneer. When this biography is complete and up and running you will have a chance to  appreciate his world and work.


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