Jarek Janiszewski




Singer/Songwriter Rock-man Drinker


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Jarek was born in Gdansk at a very early age. As a baby he showed early interest in rock music, this is believed to have been caused by his parents lacing his baby milk with Vodka. At the age of four he formed his first band, a rock outfit called 'Dipers'. After just one year he had a drink problem, and his music started to decline, he went into rehab to put his life back on track, 6 months later he had managed to kick the habit and no longer put milk into his vodka. 




 Returning home from rehab he discovered his parents had moved out without leaving a forwarding address, it was many years later that he realised that they were living downstairs, havig bricked up access from his part of the house. 




  Many times he has considered knocking on the door to ask them why? but good sense has prevailed as they have a wall mounted machine gun and a mined entrance.


Jareks big break came when he changed the name of his band to 'Knickers', and his band became the driving force in the new wave 'Toilet Punk'. Jareks facination with under clothes, material and toilets continued through his career, he became a legend of rock in Albania where he sold 10 of his home made cassettes, making the biggest selling album in Albanias history.


However this fame and fortune were not enough for him, his 'Toilet Punk' was in need of a makeover, he changed the name of the band to 'Bielizna' (meaning 'Underwear'), he rejuvinated the music scene with a more classy version of 'Toilet Punk' and 'Chamber Music New Romantics' was born.




These days he operates in various bands inculuding 'Gremplina' another reference to clothing. Along with Zeitek  and Tad they have single handidly kept the Polish vodka industry afloat and their music now is known as far away as Oliwa.

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